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Homeworker Chris makes Face Shields for Care Workers
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27 May, 2020
Our very own graphic designer Chris Sutherland, currently furloughed, is making the most of his time at home to support NHS keyworkers by manufacturing face shields with his own 3D printers.

Using his own 3D printers Chris has made and handed out over 400 face shields to date, using his own funds and those donated from friends on Facebook.

Chris says: “I can produce anywhere from 100 – 200 a week which is dependent upon the supply of materials, life getting in the way and the upkeep on the machines. The intention is to keep going as long as there’s a demand and I can afford to do so.”

Chris is now importing his raw materials from China as supply and demand mean the basic materials and filaments are becoming more expensive and difficult to obtain as the weeks go by.

Chris has distributed the shields to home carers, care workers in local care homes, and community nurses in the Maryport and Cockermouth areas in addition to a local Keswick supermarket which has taken some too for their staff.

Richard Rankin, CEO for H&H Group commented “There are few of our staff who have volunteered to help the local community in the various ways which they can during lockdown and every one is a real accomplishment but we are especially proud of Chris’s dedication to manufacture so many shields and the difference his efforts have made to the care workers across Cumbria. To ensure the home production line doesn’t stop H&H Group have also kindly donated now which will allow Chris to purchase another 10 rolls of filament (3.3km) and 200m of elastic!” To view Chris’s story click here

In the meantime, back at the manufacturing plant in Penrith, H&H Reeds are now producing numerous virus protection screens and are now able to launch a Social Distancing Support Bundle for local businesses looking to re-open shortly, as an accompanying package – Read more here