What Does Your Corporate Christmas Card Say About Your Business?

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about sending out corporate Christmas cards. Christmas cards are a wonderful way to spread some festive cheer and doubles up as a little bit of self-promotion. 

With so many other businesses gearing up to send out their own Christmas cards, it’s important to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Not only should your card be eye-catching, it should also be on brand. 

Why Should Your Business Send Christmas Cards?

Sending personalised Christmas cards is a cost-effective way to let your clients know you value them. It serves as a reminder to customers old and new, who you are, which could help position your business favourably when clients are planning projects for the new year. 

Sending personalised Christmas cards is a wonderful way to foster stronger relationships. It not only shows your clients how much you value their support, but also encourages their loyalty. Plus, a recent study by Printweek revealed that an astounding 95% of physical mail is actively engaged with, making it an effective medium to help stand out from the crowd.

But don't send any generic Christmas card, make your card memorable with a design that says something about your business. Continue reading for some helpful tips and inspiration. 

Keep Your Christmas Card on Brand

Your card will be on display in every customer’s office or business; therefore, it should be instantly recognisable that it is a part of your brand. You could include your company's logo, corporate colours, and even pictures of your team. Make sure it is designed professionally and follows your corporate brand guidelines with a festive twist - and don’t forget to include your contact details!  

Bonus points if you can incorporate elements of your product offering or services in your design. For example, an opticians sending a Christmas Card in the style of an eye test chart.

The Gift of Giving – Make Your Christmas Card Multi-Purpose

Add some extra value to your card by doubling it up as a gift. This could be as a Christmas decoration, such as a bauble that can hang from the tree or include a festive recipe on the inside. If you work with children, why not include a colouring-book style illustration on your card that clients can take home to give to their children to colour in?

Add Some Humour to Your Christmas Card

Adding a touch of humour to your corporate Christmas card can be the perfect way to add some personality and differentiate yourself. Even better if you can get the team involved! Why not arrange a festive fun photoshoot with your team to use on your card?

Support a Local Artist

Commission a local artist to design a one-off illustration for your Christmas card. This collaboration would be mutually beneficial as it will provide exposure for the artist and a stand-out card for your business. Commissioning a unique piece also means that the artist can incorporate your company’s corporate colours, your workplace building or something else that is recognisable as part of your brand. 

Sustainably Sourced Paper

If your business has a goal to focus on sustainability, our partnership with the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme will help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint. A percentage of the money used to buy the paper has been donated to the Woodland Trust, which is used to fund the planting of natural, deciduous woodland trees in Britain. All cards printed in partnership with this scheme can feature a stamp to prove its carbon captured and sourced sustainably.

Explore Different Finishing Options

A high-quality finish can have a positive impact on your business. Consider the paper type for your card and the finishing touches, like delicate hints of gold or silver ink, to add an extra touch of festivity. With our Heidelberg digital press, we can even print using an additional fifth colour, offering options such as white, gold, silver, neon pink, or clear varnish for a truly unique finish. This means that even for smaller print runs, we can infuse your Christmas card designs with a touch of Christmas magic.

Send Your Business Card Sooner, Rather Than Later

It’s best to send your Christmas cards early. If your card is one of the first to arrive, it stands a better chance of being remembered. Start thinking about ordering your card now as you will need to consider time for the design, printing and delivery.  

Personalise Your Message

To truly leave a lasting impression, enhance your cards with personalisation by addressing each client individually. For smaller quantities, consider handwriting the cards, while for larger batches, opting for a professional personalisation mail out service is the ideal choice. At H&H Reeds, our print department team is equipped to print personalised cards and can even liase with mailing services for you, to ensure seamless delivery.

If you have a festive idea for your business’ Christmas card this year, get in touch. Here at H&H Reeds we can design, print and even distribute your personalised cards.