Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be a simple and effective digital marketing tool.

Why you need our email marketing services

Email overload can be a problem if your would-be customer doesn’t want to open your email. Our experts know how to get the most from platforms such as Mailchimp, how to generate clicks and how to avoid unsubscribes.

What we offer & why it matters

We’ll help you to build a mailing list or maximise your existing database to engage with your audience. We’re experts in sign up forms, data protection and GDPR. We’ll ensure that your email contains valuable content that your customer will enjoy, rather than just a hard-hitting sales email with no appeal.

Your customers will be at various stages in the purchasing journey and email marketing will be different for a visitor who’s filled an online basket without making a purchase, than for an established customer. We have in-house expertise in setting up seamless automations which minimise your admin time and keep your customers engaged.

By researching your data and segmenting your audience we can create specific content designed to drive results.