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If you’re serious about having a website that works hard for your business, you need it to be reliable and fast, with the back-up of a trustworthy secure, hosting and maintenance service. As your business grows your website will generate more traffic leading to more enquiries and sales. We can easily scale and accommodate any increase in traffic growth with our flexible hosting packages.

Powerful and Secure Hosting for a Strong Online Presence

Effective website hosting is a cornerstone of a successful online presence, it ensures that your website loads quickly, operates smoothly, is responsive and can handle traffic effectively. 

Reliable hosting provides robust security measures to protect your website and sensitive data from cyber threats, hacking attempts, and unauthorieed access. In today's digital age, this kind of protection is vital, as a breach in security can damage your business' reputation and compromise user trust.

We know how important it is to keep your business online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our websites are hosted in the UK in ultra secure data centres, backed up by expert support engineers.

We Keep Your Website and Business Running Smoothly

We host hundreds of websites across the UK. Our hosting providers are UK-based and are available round the clock, so if there’s an issue, we’re able to respond straight away. We use the best hardware technology to ensure our websites stay online and are kept secure.

Our eCloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) hosting provides a dependable foundation for your online presence. It ensures both robust security and excellent flexibility that can adjust to your evolving requirements. You don't need to worry about interruptions, as our hosting guarantees swift recovery and resilience against common challenges like equipment failures or power outages. Our dedicated VPC setup assures optimal performance without external interference. We take daily backups to protect your site's content and databases, ensuring a smooth operation and peace of mind.

As your business grows, our flexible setup lets your website grow without any tech obstacles.

When you choose our hosting service, you're investing in a reliable solution, giving you one less thing to worry about so you can spend more time focusing on your bussiness.

Zanna Dennis, The Livestock Auctioneers Association

We are delighted with our revised LAA website that captures our new brand positioning in a vibrant and engaging way, as well as improving user experience and functionality. Throughout the process H&H Reeds have been attentive and responsive, meeting tight deadlines whilst understanding the unique needs of our agricultural sector.

Alan Warriner-Little, Professional Darts Players Association

Since we decided to work with the local team at H&H Reeds on our new website concept, we cannot fault any communication, planning, meetings and most of all the end product.

Our new mobile phone website is not just a great look but easy to navigate, very informative and the current tech shows our members and fans everything they need to know.  

We got exactly what we had planned and wanted as they listened, understood and developed with us from its inception all through to the final stage when we launched, and the professional standard remained throughout. 

If we had any issues or problems along the way, these were sorted out quickly and proficiently. We look forward to working with them as our preferred website team for the years to come.

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