Eco-friendly solutions

You care about the environment and so do we. Our business has worked hard to source sustainable materials to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. We can help you to play your part.

What we offer

We go to great lengths to source eco-friendly alternatives. These products have been used at some of Cumbria’s best known and most environmentally sensitive visitor attractions.

Examples include PVC-free banners and highly durable mesh banners, tear and water resistant outdoor poster material, pull-up stands and self-adhesive vinyl. We can offer more sustainable rigid and board alternatives to acrylic, MDF, PVC, Dibond and PET.

What else...

We use low voltage and long-lasting LED technology for illuminated signs.

We're continually working to source the very latest eco-friendly materials as they are introduced to the market, helping you to be as green as possible.

Shelly Ramsdale, Theatre by The Lake

At Theatre by The Lake, we care deeply about sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. We’re proud to work with Cumbrian print supplier H&H Reeds, who constantly strive for more innovative sustainable solutions to our whole range of promotional materials and signage - from a commitment to replanting, to banners made from recycled materials and water-based ink.