Complete control of your print ordering and branding in one place.

Our client portal is an online ordering system that puts you in direct control of your print buying.

Simple and easy to use, it enables members of your team to order branded, printed products directly through the portal. The results are consistent and the system will save you time and money.

We use sophisticated online editing capabilities to translate your artwork into templates which are then ready for you to use via the portal.  The system can be set up to allow anyone in your business to place an order, or for named members of staff to approve the orders. This gives you control over your budgets and expenditure while maintaining the best standards for all your artwork.

The portal works particularly well for multi-site businesses and for those with a high volume of printed products.

Ordered through the portal, your printed products will be on brand, consistent, high quality and under your control at all times.

Client portal

Our client portal is a simple, fast and efficient online ordering system which works for any printed products. It puts you in the driving seat and enables you to directly order or re-order printed items needed for your business.

Why you need our client portal service

Businesses can expend a lot of time and energy placing orders for printed products.  Admin tasks can include phone calls, emails and approving proofs. By streamlining the process, we eliminate many of these steps.

The portal works particularly well for businesses which are based on multiple sites, or which require a large volume of printed products.

What we offer

The client portal can be set up with templates for any printed products for your business, including personalised business cards, multi-site letter heads, leaflets and newsletters which require editing and updating.

Your team members can access the portal via the H&H Reeds website or from your own website. We can brand the portal with your own company colours and logo.

Why it matters

You can take control of the ordering process for your printed products, confident that they will be on brand and consistent. The flexible system is easy to use and will save your business admin time and money. It will take away the headache from ordering both simple and personalised products.