Leaflets, Stationery & Cards.

Printed leaflets are hard-working and successful marketing tools and will help to introduce you and promote what you do. Well designed and printed stationery and cards will keep your business on brand.

What we offer and why it matters

We help businesses to get the most from a leaflet, whatever its size, by advising on design and layout and using the best quality printing techniques so that it makes the maximum impact. Our card design and printing services include business cards, postcards, greetings cards, menus, invitations and price lists. Our expert team will ensure consistency for all your orders.

Your business will benefit from professional branding for all your printed material. A well designed and printed leaflet will not only work as a standalone product but can drive traffic to your website.

Shelly Ramsdale, Theatre by The Lake

At Theatre by The Lake, we care deeply about sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. We’re proud to work with Cumbrian print supplier H&H Reeds, who constantly strive for more innovative sustainable solutions to our whole range of promotional materials and signage - from a commitment to replanting, to banners made from recycled materials and water-based ink.

Paul Holtom, Climbers Shop

We are delighted with our new product care leaflets that were completed in very quick time and to a super high standard by Reeds. I was looking for a local print company that offered a sustainable print solution to help our business maintain its Green Small Business certification and from my first phone call with Reeds I was confident that I had found a company we could work with. We look forward to completing many more new projects together in the future.

Sara Valentin, Media Manager, AW Jenkinson

Anthony is our point of contact and we value his advice and expertise greatly.

We chose Reeds because we like to support local businesses and we knew we would benefit from fast delivery to our sites.  They have always been very competitve on price and offer a great selection of products to suit differing budgets.

We would recommend H&H Reeds.