Becca Davidson Completes the Mini MBA in Brand Management

Becca Davidson's Journey through the Mini-MBA in Brand Management by Marketing Week

Becca Davidson, our talented Creative Designer at H&H Reeds, has recently had the opportunity through the H&H Employee Trust Fund, a dedicated initiative by H&H Group, to pursue a mini-MBA in Brand Management led by Mark Ritson of Marketing Week.

The H&H Employee Trust Fund and Professional Development

Established in 1973, the H&H Employee Trust Fund plays a crucial role in supporting and nurturing the development of our team members. As a proud part of the H&H Group, H&H Reeds actively supports this initiative, encouraging our people to pursue growth in their areas of interest, whether that is for professional or personal development.

H&H Group plc - Employee Trust Fund
H&H Group plc - Employee Trust Fund

Strengthening Brand Strategy at H&H Reeds

The Brand Management course, led by industry expert Mark Ritson, is an intensive programme designed to deepen the understanding of brand strategy and its practical application. Participants learn to analyse market trends, define brand positioning, and craft compelling brand narratives. For H&H Reeds, having Becca on this course is invaluable. It equips our team with advanced insights and methodologies to build cohesive and effective brands for our clients and deliver strategic solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of brand management.

A Deep Dive into Brand Management

Becca shared her thoughts on taking the plunge and embarking on the brand management course: 

“Branding is where my interests and strengths lie. This MBA has enhanced my knowledge of brand strategy, to be able to create better structured brands and brands that stand out. Strengthening our brand services here at H&H Reeds, allowing us to offer a complete brand package.” 

“Receiving support from the H&H Employees Trust Fund was a huge bonus as it fast-tracked the course for me. I really appreciate being able to do this course, and I’m certain it will benefit both my career progression as well as our services at H&H Reeds.” 

At H&H Reeds, we believe that nurturing our team's growth is key to providing exceptional solutions for our clients. Becca's advanced skills in brand management are a testament to her dedication to personal growth, a quality we deeply value and encourage in our teams. Plus, her development only strengthens our comprehensive, high-quality design and branding services we are proud to offer.

Becca Davidson
Becca Davidson

Key Takeaways from the Brand Management Course

3 Quick Fire Questions

  1. What are three key takeaways you’ve learnt from the course?

When it comes to brand identity, consistency is vital, whether that’s the colours, typography or the tone and wording you use on your website and social media posts. Make sure your brand identity is like a well-choreographed dance – all parts moving together in harmony. 

Brand planning strategy should be 60% long term brand building, and 40% short term sales activation.

Effectively leveraged, brand codes are powerful tools in distinguishing a brand and securing its position in the consumer's mind. They ensure consistency, foster brand recognition, and build emotional connections with your audience.

  1. Can you share a particular module in the Brand Management course that changed your perspective on brand strategy?

What stood out to me the most is the absolute importance of the ‘Brand diagnosis’ process in any brand strategy planning - serving as the foundation for informed decision-making. It involves a thorough analysis of a brand's current position, strengths, weaknesses, and market dynamics. Part of this includes ‘Loyalist Research’ - I believe this is worth doing periodically to keep track of what areas of your business is improving and what is not. These customers love your brand so find out exactly what it is that they love so much.

  1. Would you recommend the course to other professionals interested in brand management?

Yes, absolutely! The course was incredibly insightful and engaging, equipping me with the knowledge and practical tools to start implementing in my branding work for clients almost immediately. It was also great to be able to proceed at my own pace. I would like to extend my personal thanks to the H&H Employee Trust Fund for making this possible.

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