Your Business’ 2021 Christmas Wish List 

Your Business’ 2021 Christmas Wish List

Thinking about what your own business needs this Christmas is just as important as keeping your customers happy throughout the festive season. With this in mind, H&H Reeds has created a wish list dedicated to taking your own marketing efforts from strength to strength in the new year and beyond, covering both online and offline tactics to set you apart from your competitors. 

Your Business’ 2021 Christmas Wish List 

A well-designed website that generates results

When your website is the main gateway between your customers and the service/product you offer, it needs to be seamless in every sense. A poorly built website will turn customers away from your business, seeking the same service from one of your competitors instead. To avoid this and make a long lasting, positive impression on customers both new and old, add a refreshed website design to your 2021 Christmas wish list. 

There are many ways that badly built websites can damage your business’ performance, from prioritising style over functionality, to using clunky navigation bars and having many non-responsive pages. These issues often stem from not having enough consideration for the users’ needs. 

Our web UX design service accounts for your customer as they progress through your site, providing specialist input depending on the nature of your business — whether you’re looking to bolster your e-commerce sales, or if you want to generate more online enquiries, we factor these considerations into even the smallest element of your site build.  

Place an expertly designed website, created with your customer in mind, at the top of your Christmas wish list, and you’ll reap the benefits.  

Marketing materials that capture my brand identity

Visual recognition sets top tier, ‘household name’ brands apart, and one of the key-ways to build this is through consistent, eye-catching offline marketing collateral. If your business cards, leaflets or brochures are starting to feel slightly lacklustre, then adding an upgrade for these key marketing materials is a must for your digital wish list.  

As society continues to re-emerge from the pandemic, businesses should be tactical when it comes to choosing their offline strategies, but printed marketing has a legacy of trust to fall back on. As found by the Data & Marketing Association in 2020, the ROI of printed marketing remains impressive in an ever-digitising world — 4.6% of all printed marketing materials receive a response, compared to 0.12% of emails. 

Capitalising on the existing trust that customers have for print should go one step further in order to stand out from an extremely competitive market and doing so could mean opting for our bespoke printing service. This way, you can translate your brand values into something visually appealing, giving your service offering a unique edge. 

A digital strategy that builds recognition and solidifies trust for my business

As businesses continue to adapt to an increasingly digital marketplace, transferring values that were once secured offline to the online space can seem like a challenge. Aspects such as trust and credibility might seem hard to leverage without in-person contact, but with a tailored SEO strategy your business will achieve exactly this — while simultaneously increasing reach and growing overall visibility. 

Some of the main goals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) include developing your online presence and authority, and this can be tailored to help your business meet its own goals — from hitting revenue targets to reaching key audiences.  

With our fine-tuned research approaches, we can identify ways to place you as a reputable supplier within your business’ sector. This might look like priming your onsite content to ensure it appears on search engine results pages, to using highly searched for terms and queries that your business can provide services/answers for.  

Add SEO to your digital wish list, and make your digital presence stand out from the crowd in 2022. 

Social media marketing that customers enjoy engaging with

Social media might feel like a difficult strategy to get into a routine with, but by adding it to your digital wish list, it could make a notable difference come January when your competitors remain quiet. 

Our expertise in social media will provide your business with a refined, concise set of tactics to follow. These include everything from running paid advert campaigns, to sharing creative content such as video snippets and using your own, branded templates to share regular posts.  

We’ll tailor the content of your strategy to the platforms that your business uses, or we can make platform suggestions to help increase engagement. Telling your brand’s story is a fundamental part of any successful social media strategy, and we’ll devise ways to do this that your audience can engage with and share — expanding your reach to position your business in front of new customers, too. 

Ready to make an impact on social media with a social media strategy? Add it to your wish list and revamp your digital presence this Christmas. 

While we’re busy keeping our Christmas campaigns sparkling through the dark nights, we want to remind our customers how important it is to give their own businesses some extra-special gifts. Add to your business’ digital wish list with some of our suggestions and look forward to an extra-successful 2022!

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