Q Guild Branding

Q Guild Branding

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The Client

The Q Guild was formed in 1987 to represent some of the finest independent butchers in the UK. The Guild encourages its members to meet, share ideas, and support each other in developing their businesses. They even organise tours across the UK for members to gain valuable insights into how other businesses or trade suppliers operate and see first-hand what makes them successful. 

The Challenge

The Q Guild approached us in need of a brand refresh. They wanted to maintain their position as the go-to association for independent and craftsman butchers in the UK, while honouring their heritage, values and established brand identity.

We were excited to take on the challenge and felt that we were uniquely qualified for this project, as we have been providing print and marketing support to the agricultural, food, and tourism sectors for over 140 years. 

The Q Guild Logo
The Q Guild Logo
The Q Guild Logos
The Q Guild Logos

What We Did

We worked very closely with the Guild committee to make sure we had a deep understanding of the Q Guild’s unique purpose and objectives, and the needs of its members. Our aim was to give the brand a contemporary look and feel for the future. However, with a brand that originated over 35 years ago, we had to be incredibly careful to preserve the fundamental elements of the Q Guild identity and build upon them. 

Here's what our creative graphic designer, Becca Davidson, had to say about the Q Guild rebrand: 

It was important to keep the traditional colours, but shift them very subtly into a more modern spectrum, and we made a similar change to the typography. 
Everything we have done in updating the brand has been aimed at reflecting the continuity of the traditions, the skills and the craftsmanship of the Q Guild and its members.

Q Guild Style Guide

The Outcome

We achieved a more modern and contemporary design for the brand, that upheld its long-standing heritage, quality, tradition, and values. 

We put together a style book for the client to ensure the brand's consistency and outline the proper usage of the logo. 

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