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Q Guild Website Design

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The Client

The Q Guild came to us with a need to expand and develop their current brand and digital platform. They had big plans to modernise their brand and website to help them reach their goal of driving inquiries and attracting new members while staying true to their heritage and traditions.

The Q Guild was formed in 1987 to represent some of the finest independent butchers in the UK. The Guild encourages its members to meet, share ideas, and support each other in developing their businesses. They even organise tours across the UK for members to gain valuable insights into how other businesses or trade suppliers operate and see first-hand what makes them successful.

The Challenge

Having recently refreshed Q Guild's brand identity (find out more about how we did that here), the next task was to adapt the new branding into a high-performance and contemporary website. 

The website had to be designed with the end-user experience in mind, ensuring it is easy to navigate and find information. The main purpose of the website was to encourage new members to sign up and create a hub of news, recipes, and insights, creating extra value for existing and potential members. 

What We Did

We collaborated with the Q Guild committee to gain a deep understanding of their unique objectives, as well as the needs of their members. Through extensive UX research, we designed the website to ensure a positive user experience for all members, users, and visitors.

We incorporated the Q Guild's new brand into the website's design to give it a contemporary and refreshed appearance. While the visual design is a main priority when designing a website, our team also focuses on optimising the end-user experience by eliminating any frustrations or pain points and understanding the end-users needs.

Our Senior UX Designer, Steven Hart, shared his thoughts on the Q Guild website design:

“The new site has been designed to be clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate, so users and visitors can find the information they need simply and quickly. We prioritized designing a site that is equally accessible and functional across all devices, especially smartphones, since our research revealed that this is how a growing majority of members access the site."

We built the website on Craft CMS, an intuitive content management system that boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface, ensuring the website is accessible for the client when uploading or editing any content on the website. 

Q Guild Web Design

The Outcome

We designed and developed a website that has a contemporary look and feel while still honouring the traditional aspects of The Guild.

The site is designed first and foremost with the user experience in mind and hosts informative and engaging content to help drive more inquiries from prospective Q Guild members.

The website is hosted on a flexible platform that allows the client to easily update and manage its content. We collaborated closely with the client during the website launch and provided training sessions to support their team in managing the new site.

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