Digital Dairy Chain


The Client

The Digital Dairy Chain is a UK Research & Innovation funded project, whose aim is to transform the dairy sector and uplift the rural economy, via grant funding and sustainable solutions. The project is focused on developing digital connectivity, stimulating research and new product development, supporting business growth, and attracting new talent and skills in the dairy sector across Cumbria and Southwest Scotland. 

The Challenge

We were approached by the client to create a fresh visual identity for The Digital Dairy Chain, a cutting-edge project that brings together world-class researchers, technology innovators, large-scale dairy processors, and smaller producers. 

Our goal was to create a brand that embodies the project's core mission of revolutionising the dairy supply chain through digital innovation and partnership. To achieve this, we set out to design a striking logo and develop a comprehensive brand book that lays out the project's brand guidelines. We were also tasked with producing eye-catching social media icons and headers, as well as an informative graphic that visually communicates the project's work packages.

The Digital Dairy Chain Logo Ideas & Work in Progress
The Digital Dairy Chain Logo Ideas & Work in Progress

What We Did

Here's what our designer, Victoria Bushby, had to say about the creative process of developing The Digital Dairy Chain's brand identity:

This was a really exciting job to work on with our client. I love all things brand, so getting to grips with a completely new project is a rewarding challenge as a designer. 
Our client had a name, Digital Dairy Chain, a couple of colours they were happy with and a definitive outline of what the project aimed to be and achieve. Through thorough research and communication with the client, we gained a true understanding of what the DDC were looking to achieve with their brand, and from there we built a range of options to create a strong brand to reflect this. 
Playing with the 'chain' aspect of the client's name and their core objective of uniting the dairy industry, we drew inspiration for the brand's aesthetic from links and connections. Introducing some complimentary colours and contemporary typography, we crafted a bold brand identity that not only fulfilled the client's requirements but also left them immensely satisfied with a distinct visual identity to help propell their project forward.

The Outcome

We produced a memorable brand identity that embodies the Digital Dairy Chain's mission of revolutionising the dairy supply chain through innovation, collaboration, and growth.

To ensure the brand's consistency and impact across various touchpoints, we developed a comprehensive brand book that outlines the proper usage of the branding on multiple platforms. This included creating custom headers and icons for social media, further reinforcing the brand's visual identity.

Additionally, we produced a graphic that effectively communicates the project's 9 work packages, providing an engaging and informative visual in an easy to understand format.

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The Digital Dairy Chain Work Packages Graphic
The Digital Dairy Chain Work Packages Graphic
The Digital Dairy Chain Brand Book and Work Packages