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The Professional Darts Players Association (PDPA) is an organisation with the primary objective of safeguarding the interests of professional darts players. Dedicated to offering its members an authentic voice and a range of benefits, the PDPA strives to help members pursue their ambitions in the professional darts arena while also providing valuable health and well-being support.

The Challenge

The PDPA approached us with the need for a new and improved website. One that would serve as a vital hub, offering their members a centralised platform for accessing important information about upcoming events and player rankings. Additionally, it would foster an authentic sense of community among members of the darts players community, providing support for a range of issues including mental health, financial and careers support.

What We Did

UX Research

We conducted thorough User Experience (UX) research on their current website, considering the clients' goals. Our analysis aimed to identify the pain points experienced by members, assess the current successful elements, and areas in need of improvement. This extensive research involved a collaborative stakeholder session, where we delved into the client's priorities and primary objectives. To gather valuable insights from the user's perspective, we distributed a survey among members.

The results highlighted a significant emphasis on mobile-first design, considering that the majority of members exclusively access the website through mobile devices. Recognising this trend, our focus was on ensuring that information is easily accessible, and navigation is seamless, ultimately prioritising an optimal user experience. 


The design prioritises usability, aiming for clarity and user-friendly navigation to enhance the experience for members. Drawing inspiration from successful sporting organisations, the overall aesthetic of the website adeptly communicates the enthusiasm and passion that the members hold for the game. To achieve this, we prioritised the integration of high-quality photography from past tournaments, adding a visually compelling dimension to the site's content. 

Pdpa website design agency in Cumbria


We crafted a website with custom code to prioritise site speed and overall performance. Built with Craft CMS, a remarkably intuitive content management system known for its flexibility, the website allows effortless maintenance for the client. This approach guarantees the site will be easy to update and manage, growing with the PDPA’s needs.

To ensure players stay updated with the latest event information and ranking results, it is crucial to keep events and rankings current. This was achieved by utilising an API (application programming interface) that offers real-time data. This allows players to easily stay in the loop and access the most up-to-date details. The integration not only provides players a central hub for important information, but it streamlines the administrative process for the PDPA. Therefore, removing the need for manual data input, reducing risk of error and saving valuable time and resources for the association, allowing them to focus more on enhancing services for the darts players they represent.

A highlight of the website is the custom-coded parallax montage header featured on the homepage. This captivating effect presents a dynamic showcase of the diverse darts players comprising the PDPA membership, captured in the glory of their love for the game. As you interact with the header by rolling your mouse or tilting your screen on mobiles and tablets, the images gracefully rotate, unveiling an impressive 3D layered effect of the players. This visual representation effectively communicates the association's diversity, global reach, and dynamic nature.

The Outcome

Our collaboration with the Professional Darts Players Association has resulted in a dynamic and efficient website that significantly enhances the online experience for its members. The in-depth UX research paved the way for a user-friendly design, prioritising clarity and easy navigation. The incorporation of high-quality photography and the innovative parallax header successfully convey the passion and diversity within the PDPA community. Plus, the integration of a real-time API not only ensures players have immediate access to the latest information but also streamlines administrative processes, saving time and resources.

The outcome is a seamlessly maintained platform built with Craft CMS, that reflects the association's commitment to excellence and serves as a central hub for the vibrant world of professional darts. 

Pdpa website design agency in Cumbria

Alan Warriner-Little, Professional Darts Players Association

Since we decided to work with the local team at H&H Reeds on our new website concept, we cannot fault any communication, planning, meetings and most of all the end product.

Our new mobile phone website is not just a great look but easy to navigate, very informative and the current tech shows our members and fans everything they need to know.  

We got exactly what we had planned and wanted as they listened, understood and developed with us from its inception all through to the final stage when we launched, and the professional standard remained throughout. 

If we had any issues or problems along the way, these were sorted out quickly and proficiently. We look forward to working with them as our preferred website team for the years to come.