Farmstock Futures

Farmstock Futures

Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management

Through a 2020 partnership with The Family Business Network, Farmstock Futures set out with the purpose of engaging a new generation with both farm work and the wider agricultural sector across the UK.  

The Challenge

The aim of the partnership was to gain an insight into the perceptions of the younger generations and their future career aspirations.

The project also set out to identify what the main challenges are for young people exploring the reality of a career within the agricultural sector — using the findings to help identify the most helpful kinds of support to put in place, to encourage new generations to see a career in the sector as a viable vocational path.

Our Brief

Our objective was to create a space for a network and community of voices to be heard, where knowledge can be shared, giving Farmstock Futures a platform where it can actively shape the future of the agricultural sector

What we did

Through a qualitative research and consultation programme, a group of individuals were chosen to provide their thoughts. This input provided the pillars of the first Farmstock Future key themes — focusing on education, technology, mental health & wellbeing and bringing a collective voice to a growing and diverse agricultural sector. 

We immersed ourselves in the business’ culture, working closely with individuals from the farming community and the Family Business Network. We carried out a full branding project focused on digital platforms, creating campaign themes for social media and digital assets for the clients’ website.

The aim of the website was to showcase the research that’d been carried out, and to create a place for the future farming generation to connect. The website had a private discussion forum for members, enabling this sense of direct communication facilitated by the business.

The Outcome

We created a visually coherent, functional website which fulfilled the clients' exact needs. The branding element of the project gave the client a distinctive physical presence, and we maintained its appeal across both the site and the clients' social media platforms.