The Trigon

Website Design, Branding

The Client

The Trigon is a 361 bedroom student accommodation in the heart of Sheffield’s vibrant, modern city. We were approached by the team at Acis Group to create a visual identity for their newest student residence, “The Trigon”. 

Acis Group is a housing charity whose services help people to lead better lives across the East Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber. Their sub-brand Acis Students provide safe, modern and comfortable student housing. Creating environments which are a combination of independence, security and communal living for learners.

The Challenge

We were given a brief to develop a new brand identity for The Trigon. We were also tasked with designing and developing a new website for the brand and designing window and wayfinder signage for the building within a short turnaround time.

It was important for the branding to be eye-catching and fun, with a personality to reflect the end-users. As The Trigon is a part of the charity Acis group, it was also required that the website design and development meet the required accessibility practices, the WCAG 2.1 AA standards. 

What We Did

Sheffield comes alive at night. One of the most attractive aspects of Sheffield is its vibrant, exciting entertainment culture. We developed icons, illustrations and a brand which reflects the fun and vibrancy of student nightlife.

This concept runs throughout the entire visual identity. All of these elements create a dynamic, energetic and inspiring look and feel, whilst the sophisticated colour palette reinforces trust. 

We then adapted the identity for use across internal and external signage and digital platforms.

We developed a custom webpage for The Trigon, using clean coding to ensure optimal speed and usability. It was also integral that the site was compatible with text-to-speech readers to meet accessibility standards, which we tested throughout development. The site was also built on a CMS which is easy to use so the client can easily maintain the content of the website.

The Outcome

We created a distinctive yet playful brand which reflects the values of the group and its mission to provide modern, safe and comfortable student housing. The branding was used to create eye-catching signage for the interior and exterior of the building. Finally, we designed and developed an informative website which highlights all the benefits of living at The Trigon. The website is visually exciting yet still meets accessibility standards.

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