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The Client

Part of the H&H Group PLC family, H&H Insurance Brokers have over 30 years’ experience in delivering bespoke insurance policies to agricultural and rural businesses throughout Northern England and the Scottish Borders. Rooted in H&H's rich farming heritage, H&H Insurance has evolved into one of the UK's leading independent insurance brokers, specialising in the needs of this sector. 

The Brief

H&H Insurance Brokers (HHIB) were looking to reposition themselves online and part of their strategy was a total rebuild of their current website.

Their primary goal was to create a website that not only reflected their core values and vision but also highlighted their dedicated team, all while reinforcing their tagline: "Changing the way people think about insurance." A key focus of this transformation was also to emphasise their commitment to claims management, highlighting their stress-free and personal approach to handling claims and ensuring ease of use for customers.

H&H Insurance's website designs

What We Did

We executed a strategy aimed at enhancing the user experience and spotlighting HHIB's team and insurance services. Our focus was on conveying the exceptional quality, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of HHIB within their target industry. 


To begin, we engaged in stakeholder meetings, where we discussed the core values and mission of HHIB. Additionally, we attended a journey workshop with the HHIB team to gain further insights into their processes and services. This knowledge guided our UX strategy and design. 

We conducted further research through analysis of Google Analytics, journey mapping, and carrying out technical SEO research. This research highlighted user behaviours, identified pain points in the user journey, and revealed opportunities for enhancement. We also conducted a thorough competitor analysis, focusing particularly on competitor technical setups, website structures, ranking terms, and content to pinpoint industry standards, trends, and opportunities for HHIB to differentiate themselves.

Web Design


Based on our research, our Senior UX Designer, Steven Hart laid out the structure for the site using information architecture & wireframes designs. These served as a blueprint for the website's structure, ensuring a logical and user-friendly journey. 

UX Design 

We then produced high-fidelity UX designs which revolved around HHIB's team and the user journey, while also incorporating essential elements for SEO optimisation. Thoughtfully placed call-to-actions were included to increase user engagement with the services.  

The HHIB team organised a photoshoot to coincide with the launch of the new website. We worked closely with the team and photographer to establish the style and mood, as well as identify specific shots required for the website, including highlighting the internal signage our signs team had recently installed as part of their recent office refurbishment.

Web Development

The web development phase saw our designs brought to life, constructed using Craft CMS, a user-friendly content management system that boasts exceptional speed, power, and flexibility. This choice enables the client to effortlessly manage and update the website, while also allowing the site to expand and adapt in conjunction with their business needs. 

Following the website launch, we conducted meticulous testing and quality control to ensure a seamless and SEO-friendly website. 

website designs of an insurance website website design examples website design mobile views of H&H Insurance website

The Outcome

Overall, our comprehensive approach combined user-centric designs with technical best practices, resulting in an engaging and effective online presence for HHIB. By emphasising HHIB's values, team, and insurance services, we've created a digital platform that authentically represents their expertise and commitment to their clients. Built on Craft CMS, our choice of a user-friendly content management system ensures easy management and scalability for the website.

As a result, HHIB's website is now a powerful tool for attracting and engaging their target audience, solidifying their position as one of the top insurance brokers in the industry. 

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