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Carlisle United Football Club

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The Client

Carlisle United Football Club, holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Cumbria. Established in 1904, the club has become an integral part of Cumbria’s sporting and cultural fabric. 

The club's history is rich with memorable moments, including FA Cup runs, promotions, and unforgettable victories. The team's success on the pitch and their deep-rooted connection to the local community make Carlisle United an inherent part of Cumbria's identity. 

A Longstanding Collaboration

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Carlisle United Football Club for many years now.  

From social media graphics to matchday programmes, banners, signage, and business stationary, our partnership with Carlisle United Football Club has been ongoing, allowing us to work closely with their team on a regular basis. Over the years, we have designed and produced hundreds of marketing and brand materials for the club. Here, is a deep dive into a few examples of the work we have produced recently with the football club. 

Carlisle United Football Club
Carlisle United Football Club
Carlisle United Football Club Matchday Programmes
Carlisle United Football Club Matchday Programmes

Matchday Programmes

In our most recent partnership, we have been producing matchday programmes since the 2018-2019 season. This includes the design, printing, and delivery of matchday programmes for Carlisle United Football Club's home games. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of creating numerous special programmes, celebrating iconic moments in history for the club. 

One programme was crafted for the highly anticipated match between Carlisle United and Barrow in October 2020. This encounter marked the first time the two teams had played against each other in 56 years, and to commemorate the occasion, we recreated the original programme cover from their last encounter in 1964. In the 2021/2022 season, we produced a redesign inspired by a 1970s programme, aiming to evoke fond memories and engage fans through a visual journey into the club's history. 

It’s so important to engage the young fans, that’s why each programme has a ‘Olga’s fun pages’ section featuring activities and entertainment for children alongside the club's iconic fox mascot. In the most recent season, we created a new ‘Just for fun’ feature, encouraging readers to find the fox hidden somewhere in the programme. Some are easier than others to find! 

In line with our commitment to sustainability, all matchday programmes are printed on carbon-captured paper sourced from sustainable suppliers and features our unique ‘Carbon Captured’ logo. This partnership with the Woodland Trust showcases Carlisle United Football Club's dedication to environmental responsibility.

Carlisle United Football Club Matchday Programme Carlisle United Football Club Matchday Programme Carlisle United Football Club Matchday Programme

Dynamic Social Media Graphics

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Carlisle United Football Club, we regularly create social media graphics that drive engagement for the club across their socials. Through innovative designs and dynamic content, we have helped capture the excitement of match moments and amplify key campaigns. 

Goal Celebrations

We particularly love the personalised GIFs we produced for each player to celebrate their goals. To prevent repetitiveness, top scorers such as Kristian Dennis have a collection of multiple GIFs, ensuring that each goal celebration is fresh and exciting. 

Real-Time Match Updates 

To keep fans informed and engaged during matches, we have developed social graphic templates for the club to fill in real-time scores and updates. These templates provide a consistent and professional look across all match-related posts, ensuring that fans stay connected and informed, even if they are unable to attend the games in person. 

Versatile Social Graphics & Web Banners

In addition to match-related content, we have designed a range of social graphics and website banners for various other marketing needs. From general match day information to specific campaigns like Black Friday sales in the Blues Store. By maintaining a consistent visual identity, the club maximises the campaign’s impact and drives engagement among the club's followers.

Carlisle United Football Club Social Media Graphics

Brunton Park Signage

We’ve worked with Carlisle United to enhance the branding of the bars, restaurants, and store at the club’s home, Brunton Park. Our collaboration has resulted in an iconic space that celebrates the club's history and famous moments, enriching the overall fan experience. 

Glass Bar 

Named after the revered goalkeeper Jimmy Glass, the Glass Bar serves as a tribute to his extraordinary last-minute goal that prevented relegation and triggered an unforgettable pitch invasion. We designed and produced wall wraps, signs, and window graphics that showcase the club's emblem/logo and feature photos from the iconic match where Jimmy Glass scored the crucial goal.  

74/75 Lounge

Named after the 1974 - 1975 period when Carlisle United last competed in the prestigious Premier League (Division One). This exclusive lounge pays homage to the club's past accomplishments. We designed internal signs and wall wraps that decorate the bar with photographs of the players and programmes from the 74-75 season, further immersing fans in the club's rich history. 

Store Banners 

Used for promoting sales and special offers and to maximise visibility and engagement, over the years we’ve designed various eye-catching banners for the Carlisle United Football Club store. Through compelling visuals and clear messaging, we ensure that the store's marketing initiatives are communicated effectively to help drive sales. 

Foxy's Restaurant Wall Signage
Foxy's Restaurant Wall Signage
Carlisle United Football Club Glass Bar Signage Jimmy Glass Scores a Goal

Looking ahead, we are excited to see what the future holds for Carlisle United Football Club, especially after their recent promotion. As they embark on a new season and continue to make strides in their journey, we are committed to supporting the club in further elevating their brand, engaging fans, and creating extraordinary experiences.