Pez at H&H Reeds

Celebrating 45 Years with Pez

Today, we’re celebrating the one and only David Warwick, known affectionately as 'Pez,' for his 45th work anniversary at H&H Reeds. Pez started his journey at Reeds in 1978, hired by his father, Malcom Warwick, who was the Production Director. Reeds has always been a family business for Pez, starting with his grandfather, Syd Thornton, who was an established figure at Reeds as Director and Works Manager. 

Pez is currently a Platemaker at our printing facility in Penrith, where he operates the platemaking machine to set up large printing jobs for our Heidelberg Litho Press. He also takes care of stock controls and works in collating. We had the pleasure of asking Pez some questions about his 45 years of experience at Reeds. 

What was your first role at Reeds? 

"My first role was as a Compositor, operating the machines that provided typeset matter, which was used to prepare printing plates." 

How has your role evolved over the years? 

"It's completely changed. I started as a Compositor, then I ran two Platen presses, which were old monotype printing machines. Once they became redundant, I became a Plate Maker. Platemaking was originally a manual job, but it has changed a lot over the years. Now we operate a machine that makes the plates for us. I even once worked as a bait boy, going out to collect bait in the morning for the other workers." 

What inspired you to work in the printing industry? 

"My Dad and Mam used to buy me the John Bull printing set boxes for Christmas, which were old printing sets for children. They were keen for me to join the family business and wanted to get me involved from a young age." 

Syd Thornton (Pez's Grandfather) (left) and Derrick Woods (right) at H&H Reeds, 1978
Syd Thornton (Pez's Grandfather) (left) and Derrick Woods (right) at H&H Reeds, 1978
H&H Reeds team in 2000. Pez is pictured bottom left.
H&H Reeds team in 2000. Pez is pictured bottom left.

What changes have you seen at Reeds over the years? 

"Print as an industry has quietened down over the years, and there have been a lot of changes to the machines and presses used to keep up with the latest technologies. Reeds has expanded to include new businesses such as signs, web, and digital, adapting to keep up with the changing times." 

How do you stay motivated and engaged in your work after so many years on the job? 

"Coffee and music." 

Pez is a true punk rocker and has been a musician for most of his life, performing in bands since 1977. He was the frontman of the band No Thrills, where he had the opportunity to tour big cities and festivals in places such as Germany, France, Holland, and London. Their biggest influences were The Clash & The Sex Pistols. He has since retired from the band and now enjoys fly fishing in his spare time. 

We want to congratulate Pez on his 45th work anniversary. His contributions to the company have been invaluable, and we are grateful for his dedication and hard work.