Investing in Sustainable Print: Our Brand New HP Latex 800 Wide Format Printer

Investing in Sustainable Print: Our Brand New HP Latex 800 Wide Format Printer

To provide the best quality print for our customers, we’re always pushing to be at the forefront of the latest industry developments. A big part of our mission is to produce the highest quality print and signage in the most efficient and sustainable way.  

So, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently expanded our wide format print family. Introducing our brand new HP Latex 800 Printer, a super-fast, versatile printer that is designed to produce stunning quality wide format prints, signs, and banners in a more sustainable way. 

What Makes the HP Latex 800 More Sustainable?

Why did we invest in this new technology? A big benefit for us was that the HP Latex 800 was designed with sustainability in mind. This investment means we can improve our eco-friendly print offering for our customers.  

The new printer is ENERGY STAR® rated, meaning it provides outstanding energy efficiency. The printer also uses innovative HP Eco-Carton Ink Cartridges, instead of conventional plastic cartridges, which reduces plastic consumption by an impressive 80% and achieves a 66% reduction in C02 emissions.  

The inks themselves are water-based. This means that they are non-hazardous and contain no air pollutants, which is beneficial for our team and the environment. The water-based inks coupled with our eco-friendly print and signage materials, ensure our HP Latex prints are fully recyclable, reducing their impact on the environment. Additionally, ink cartridges, printheads, and maintenance supplies can all be returned, reducing the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills. 

Find out more about sustainability commitment here. 

What Makes the HP Latex 800 More Sustainable?
What Makes the HP Latex 800 More Sustainable?

More Exciting Benefits

Despite its outstanding sustainability credentials, performance and quality have not been compromised. Increased media versatility allows us to print on a larger range of materials. From banners, to print posters and point of sale products, we can produce them on a wide range of eco-friendly materials for your business. 

The HP Latex 800 boasts incredible image quality, with vivid colours and striking contrasts, from pure blacks to the whitest white.  

We’re thrilled that the printer will also improve our production efficiencies, through industry leading production speeds, (up to 50% faster print speeds!) and easy media loading.  

Gareth Rylands, our Print Production Manager has this to say about our recent investment:

The investment in the HP Latex 800 is a significant part of our strategy to continually improve our existing sustainable offerings and to always be on the cutting edge of industry developments. 

The investment also allows us to offer a greater variety of products to our customers, from posters to banners and signage in a more efficient and consistent way. 

After some extensive testing and training on the new printer, we’ve already produced some stand-out work for clients using the new kit. It’s fair to say the HP Latex 800 is a significant improvement for our print offering

- Gareth Rylands, Print Production Manager 

After a week or so of settling in and testing, we can already see the positive impact the HP Latex 800 has had on our prints.  

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