Residential Estate Agency Boards

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Here at H&H Reeds, we can provide a range of residential estate agency board options, enabling you to advertise any style of property.

In essence, there are two main types of boards:

Centred Boards or ‘T’ Boards are possibly the most popular style of estate agency board and will be suitable for use to promote your property with a front garden.  We manufacture the boards using two sheets of Correx and they are erected with a supporting post through the middle; this ensures they are robust to withstand most weather conditions.  In addition, when the boards are printed they go through a UV drying process which bonds the inks with the Correx ensuring they are durable.

The traditional size of each panel is 813mm x 610mm and produced on 4mm Long Flute Correx.

Residential estate agency boards now come in different shapes and sizes

Flag Boards
If you own a terraced property or a property without a front garden, our Flag Boards will be first choice as they can be erected flat to the property ie the sign projects from the wall.

The Flag Board is one panel printed double sided at 813mm x 610mm size and is produced on 6mm Long Flute Correx. We use the same printing technique as for the centred boards so as they are printed they go through a UV drying process which bonds the inks with the Correx ensuring they are durable. Note: this panel is printed with a blank area of 50mm on one side for the pole to be attached to so your design will need to allow for this.

Bespoke Shaped Boards
In addition to the traditional types of board detailed above, with the combination of a JFX200 Flat Bed printer and in-house router, H&H Reeds are able to manufacture boards in all shapes and sizes. Our skills and expertise will enable your estate agency to stand out from the crowd with your own innovatively created shaped boards – boards no longer have to be a standard oblong shape to be competitively priced.

Your shaped board will be a version of the Centred or Flag and can be single or double-sided.  Because we use the router rather purchasing a cutting forme, the shape isn’t restricted in design. We can print within 1300mm x 2500mm on any material but check the guidelines with your local planning authority on permitted board sizes in your area.

SOLD Subject to Contract and NOW LET SLIPS
Remember you will need 2 of these per board (each side) and the standard size is 800mm x 150mm. These are produced on 4mm Long Flute Correx.


Please note: We only produce the printed boards and do not provide poles or install the estate agent signs.


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In summary, residential estate agency boards can be printed in as many colours as you’d like and all at the same price.  No job is too small or too large and we can arrange delivery to wherever you choose. If you require general help, a bespoke quote or assistance with your project, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.  Either telephone our main reception on 01768 864214 or complete the enquiry form below and a member of our staff will contact you directly.

We look forward to being of service to you!

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