St Joseph’s Hospital

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St Joseph’s is a private healthcare hospital in South Wales, providing world-class health care, with leading consultants and the best diagnostic equipment.

The challenge

The existing St Joseph’s website was out of date, difficult to navigate and achieving poor search engine rankings.

Our brief

The team told us they needed a website that fitted their company ethos and branding. St Joseph’s offers a five-star service which they wanted to reflect in the website.

They asked for it to be easy to use, with clear navigation, so hospital staff and patients could find the information they needed.

They also requested a flexible content management system and to futureproof the site by ensuring it was fully scalable.

What we did

Working closely with the St Joseph’s marketing manager, we used analytics to discover which pages had high levels of traffic. This information enabled us to create a navigation system based on real user interaction.

We knew that having the correct foundation would ensure the website would be fully scalable. A lot of work went into the site structure, researching how search engines would see the site and how it could grow in the future.

We found that the issue of out of date or missing content was largely caused by the difficulties of using the content management system. We used a custom made CMS, which was tailored to St Joseph’s requirements and ensured the control panel was simple and easy to use.

The custom build also reduced the amount of unnecessary code, which meant the website loaded more quickly for visitors.

The outcome

By focusing on a structure that incorporated search engine optimisation and user experience, we’ve built a website that performs well in search engine rankings and receives positive user feedback.

St Joseph’s marketing team has been able to develop the website and introduce features such as a major recruitment campaign and an online referral system.

Abby Davies, St Joseph's Hospital

Thank you Harriet for the ongoing daily support and work that you’ve provided us over the past year. It’s been great working with the H&H Reeds team on our social media marketing.