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Andy’s 30th year and Gareth’s 25th year at H&H Reeds!
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-21 October, 2020
This year we celebrate Andy Jackson our Managing Directors' 30th year at H&H Reeds Reeds and Print & Production Manager Gareth Rylands 25th year, and what better time to do it than International Print Day.

Andy Jackson said ‘I followed in my father’s footsteps who got into print by starting a printing apprenticeship. I started work at Cumbria Police Printing Department and after a brief time I had the opportunity of better career opportunities with a move to Reeds in 1990.

I loved the job from day one, learning to strip the machines down, do repairs and adjustments and making the print look as good as possible. My favourite challenge was printing full colour which was rare at the time, just using a single colour press and no measuring equipment took great skill to get quality full colour print, passing the paper through 4 times, changing the ink and feeling the ink to see how sticky it was to gauge how much to put on, it was fun!

Technology was moving on fast, so we moved to a new factory with better equipment and I had my new apprentice, Gareth to look after. I can’t believe it’s now been 25 years working with Gareth but it’s been the most rewarding part of my time at Reeds, teaching him everything that I’ve learnt and remembering the day when I thought ‘he knows more than me now’. As I moved to managing director, I have continued to have a close relationship and currently guide and coach Gareth with his challenges and aspirations. Seeing Gareth progress has been one of my proudest achievements.’

Gareth said ‘I started out at Reeds in 1995 where I was placed under the guidance of Andy for a 6-year printing apprenticeship. Starting on a 2 colour M.O. Heidelberg press. Back in them days, everything was done by hand from, loading paper, putting on and adjusting plates, setting up ink profiles by keys, washing the machines and mixing a hell of a lot of ink.

Since starting over 25 years ago, I have been presented with challenges which I have always loved taking on. They have allowed me to develop my skillset and experience more, giving me freedom in making bigger day to day decisions. I have successfully trained 2 apprentices, became print and production manager, head of the operations team and now also the line manager for our signs department. Without the guidance of Andy, I would not be in the position I am today. He has always given me the freedom to grow into the different roles I have taken on and I feel blessed to have been given these opportunities by him and management. I hope that I can share my knowledge that was passed on to me so well by Andy to others.

I love my job and have loved working with so many good, genuine people, who I have made friends for life. The company is built around these people and is because of them that we are still here and operating in the way we do with such a great reputation.’

We are so greatful for all they have done for us over the years, we wouldn't be H&H Reeds without them.