Zooming into Action

1 April, 2020

Essential project brings printers back into motion

For H&H Reeds in Penrith, the pandemic has had a major impact on the busy print enterprise that in normal times often works around the clock. Last Friday the management team opened up their laptops from home for the weekly Zoom meeting. Apart from checking up on the state of the lock down, and the wellbeing of the exiled team there were limited orders to discuss – and then an urgent email dropped into the inbox.

It was Cumbria County Council, with an order for 30,000 leaflets to be available for household delivery. The job needed to be completed throughout the weekend for dispatch on Monday. You may imagine the startled looks on the faces gathered round their ‘Zoom’ discussions! Could we do this?

The answer of course, was Yes, we can. As the management team were all gathered, a quick decision was taken – this was essential work and needed to be done. The print works were opened up, and observing social distancing of course, the team worked throughout the weekend to produce flyers, which give details to the vulnerable of the Covid-19 Emergency support.

The result was 30,000 leaflets, printed, folded and packed, and delivered to Cumbria County Council on Monday morning, exactly as requested and commenting on the support from H&H Reeds, Angela Jones, Strategic Lead for COVID-19 Cumbria Welfare Hubs said:

”Thank you. We all appreciate it! These leaflets will start to be distributed through our networks to make sure people who don’t have friends, family or other support, get food, medicines and other essentials.”

On the back of this successful contract, H&H Reeds has also just received an urgent order from Cumbria Police – which they will produce to tight deadlines.

Andy Jackson, Managing Director of H&H Reeds commented:

“It was a genuine case of work in the public interest, and we were happy to step up to complete the order. There was a certain amount of luck, for both us and Cumbria County Council, as we were all available and in our video zoom meeting when the email arrived.”

“These are challenging times for everyone, and we all need to support each other. Although many businesses are not able to operate at the moment, there are still many who are operating and need to spread the word through print. We were delighted to assist, and I would like to thank the team for their commitment.”

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