16 April, 2020

It may surprise you to know that as far back as the Edwardian era in the early 1900’s H&H Reeds was printing for the tourism industry and played its part in producing postcards and lettercards which became an amazingly popular innovation enabling writers to send brief messages to their loved ones.

The picture postcard expressed the spirit of the times where more people started to write and with no space for formal letter writing and a photograph to describe where they were, it was accessible to all classes.  Effectively the text message of its time, it allowed people to send a snapshot of what they were doing and where they were and with several daily deliveries, the recipient was soon up to speed – all for the cost of a halfpenny stamp.

We were recently contacted by Christine Hawley who kindly sent us a copy of the Ullswater lettercard (which has six local images) – lettercards were often purchased as a memento by the visitor.  As you can see this had been printed by Reeds so Christine was interested in H&H Reeds’ history and to learn that we were very much still printing!