Green isn’t a New Colour

22 April, 2020

The environment is something you will have seen us post about on many previous occasions. We are proud to be a “green” printer and were of course delighted to be recognised as such when we won the 2019 InCumbria Business Award for Best Green Ethical Business in Cumbria.

Concern for the environment, sustainability, and the whole green agenda isn’t something new to us, or indeed to the print industry as a whole. We were reminded of this when our Production Director, Phil Gowling, unearthed (pun intended) a publication entitled “How To Become A Green Printer – A Checklist For Action” which was published by the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) in 1990.

The booklet is full of guidance, advice and practical steps printers at the end of the 20th century could take to contribute to tackling the growing concern over environmental issues. While some of the content may now seem a little dated the 30 year old publication also emphasizes how far we still need to go.

For example, the booklet proudly proclaims on its front cover that it is “Printed on 100% Virgin Paper”. The contents raise the point that increased use of recycled papers may result in less trees being planted and “require the consumption of more energy overall”. It goes on to suggest that the use of virgin papers for quality printing is therefore sensible and indeed “greener” and allows for the creation of raw material for recycling for use in lower grades, packaging and building materials. Thirty years on this is still a message we at Reeds promote, yet is one not widely known or considered by the public at large. Luckily organisations such as Two Sides champion paper as a sustainable resource.

Naturally in the 30 years since the original publication things have progressed. Vegetable based inks are now commonplace. The existence of programmes such as the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme help by removing significant amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere. This is achieved by planting native, British woodland on our doorsteps.

Print has undoubtedly taken its environmental duties very seriously over the last 30 years, and we at H&H Reeds are happy to continue to champion to ensure a healthier, cleaner planet for us all.