WallPaper Prints

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Wall-to-Wall design…

Printed Wallpaper is a new and innovative wall covering solution for domestic and commercial interiors.
The wallpaper is pre-pasted so needs no additional adhesive and is so simple to use that you can fit it yourself or of course you can get a commercial decorator to fit it for you. The ultra smooth finish and the latex base of the inks provide vivid colour graphics with high-definition detail.


  • Printed with environmentally friendly odour free inks
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to usual PVC based wallpapers
  • Vivid colour, high definition detail
  • Ultra smooth finish
  • Meets commercial wall covering standards
  • Indoor display permanence for up to 10 years+
  • Pre-pasted with adhesive for easy application
  • Strippable, with manufacturer’s warranty for clean removal
  • Flame retardant
  • Easier disposal than most PVC based substrates