Pop-up Systems

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A cost effective display solution for exhibitions

The lightweight self-locking frame ‘pops’ up to form the framework. The metal self locating ‘mag bars’ add rigidity and provide a structure on which the full colour crystal laminated seamless graphics are magnetically attached. The heavy duty case converts into a counter. This also means you do not need to find somewhere to store the case. Fits into most hatchback cars and can be handled and assembled by one person.  Overall size: 2540mm wide x 685mm deep x 2250mm tall.


A 3×3 System Includes:

  • 2.5m wide folding aluminium frame
  • 5 x graphic panels
  • Heavy duty transport case
  • Graphic case wrap
  • Beech finish wood counter top
  • 2 x 150w halogen floodlights