H&H Reeds Display

As a company, we are at the forefront of digital technology with continual investment in the latest equipment.  With a knowledgeable and experienced team, we specialise in display products of all kinds, including indoor and outdoor, exhibition and equipment, banners and vinyl signs for both windows and vehicles.

We offer a wide range of display solutions for indoor and outdoor events, from portable banner stands and pop-ups to complete modular or bespoke exhibition systems.

With a large variety of printers, we not only cater for large exhibition stands and banners but can also create a variety of other items such as canvases and removable wallpaper, allowing you to transform any space quickly and affordable.

We can also create replacement graphics for just about any exhibition stand that you may already own, allowing you to continue displaying up-to-date material at future events and exhibitions without replacing your system.

Why not talk to us about your event plans and we will help you select the most suitable system, competitively priced, to meet your needs.